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Solutions is a consulting company registered in Pakistan, working with government entities and the private sector to resolve problems and implement sustainable solutions. Our areas of focus are public policy, healthcare, governance reform, and peace-building.

Solutions was established in Pakistan by Doreen Kiani in early 2020. Doreen has over 30 years of experience working in politics, over 26 years of experience in policy making, and over 19 years of experience working in development. An expert in policy making, policy analysis, and elections, Doreen has worked in a senior policy position for the governor of New York, and designed and implemented policy development programs in both Indonesia and Pakistan. While working in Aceh, Indonesia, Doreen drafted laws that are both sharia compliant and respectful of democratic principles. Doreen also served as an International Election Observer in Cambodia and the Solomon Islands, and as Pakistan Resident Country Director for the National Democratic Institute (NDI).  Doreen established Solutions to offer focused dedicated solutions for Pakistan to improve governance, policy making, and overall efficiencies.

Doreen was graduated from Columbia University in New York City and attended John’s Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies in Washington, D.C.

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